Come join Louisville Kentucky's famous "Crikey the Crocodile" and discover gems and fossils in the rough mine ore. The knowledgeable staff brings the water sluice, mining ore and panning screens. Your children and their guests take the bags of ore and wash away the debris to find gems and fossils hidden inside!

As the dirt washes away, beautiful treasures are revealed, fabulous finds include, emeralds, rubies, crystals, shark teeth, arrowheads, fossils, and even fools gold! This panning activity is an experiences for all and the treasure bags make a great PARTY FAVOR for those celebrating a birthday. It's fun and educational at any age! Panning is fun for the whole family.

Andrew Coombs

Andrew Coombs is an experienced entrepreneur who founded Crocodile Creek & Dino Dig. With his 20+ years experience entertaining people of all ages, he's known for his local Fireworks displays, Haunted Attractions, and other kid-friendly extravaganzas

Michael Coombs

Michael Coombs is a creative partner, and son to Andrew Coombs.